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100G   100G - Grey Crew Inmate Socks
1268G   1268G - Grey Tube Inmate Socks
1268O   1268O - Orange Tube Jail Inmate Socks
16039   16039 - Suave 15oz Active Sport Body Wash
18857   18857 - Suave Men's 12.6oz 2-in-1 Shampoo & Conditioner
1941215   1941215 - Suave 15oz Waterfall Mist Shampoo
TBTRAVEL   2-Piece Travel Toothbrush
BT2040   20 x 40 White Inmate Bath Towel
BT2244   22 x 44 White Inmate Bath Towel
BT2448   24" x 48" White Inmate Bath Towel
GP1   3" Inmate Pencil
29072   3-Ply Disposable Face Mask
3800BRN   3800BRN - Brown Sports Bra
3800G   3800G - Grey Jail Sports Bra
3800W   3800W - White Jail Sports Bra
3910   3910 - Irregular Inmate T-Shirts
3930   3930 - White 100% Cotton 1st Quality T-Shirts
3930C   3930C - 100% Cotton 1st Quality T-Shirts - Colors
442615   442615 - Suave 15oz Waterfall Mist Conditioner
5490   5490 - White Jail Cell Bed Sheets
5490180   5490180 - White Jail Cell Bed Sheets
5930   5930 - White 50/50 Blend 1st Quality T-Shirts
5930C   5930C - 50/50 Blend 1st Quality T-Shirts - Colors
620AST   620AST - Assorted Checkered Men's Jail Inmate Boxers
620BR   620BR - Men's Brown Jail Inmate Boxers
620OR   620OR - Men's Orange Jail Inmate Boxers
620W   620W - White Men's Jail Inmate Boxers
66104   66104 - White Twin Jail Bed Sheets
66104180   66104180 - White T180 Twin Jail Bed Sheets
6910W   6910W - Men's Jail Inmate Briefs
7033   7033 - Suave 10oz Advanced Therapy Lotion
731W   731W - White Tube Jail Inmate Socks
819W   819W - White Crew Jail Inmate Socks
832BLK   832BLK - Black Ankle Jail Inmate Socks
832W   832W - White Ankle Jail Inmate Socks
852660   852660 - Suave 10oz Cocoa Butter Lotion
888   888 - PVC Basket Weave Jail Inmate Sandals (24 pair)
ABNPF   ABNPF - Black Exam Grade Nitrile Gloves
ADMINKIT   Admission & Indigent Kits - 144 kits per unit
A52012   Africa's Best Moisturizing Shampoo w/ Conditioner - 12/case
AINPF   AINPF - Indigo Exam Grade Nitrile Gloves
ASC11   ASC11 - Aerosol 11oz Shave Cream
ASC15   ASC15 - 1.5oz Aerosol Shave Cream
1206   Black Leather & Nylon 8" Jungle Boot
L012   Blended Poly Blanket with Stripes - 66" x 90"
024   Blue Magic Bergomot Hair Dressing
WC1212-BRN   Brown 12"x12" Wash Cloths - 1 lb/dz
BT2040-BR-4   Brown 20"x40" Bath Towels - 4 lbs
BT2244-BR   Brown 22"x44" Bath Towels - 6 lbs
SHT5490-BRN   Brown 54"x90" Flat Sheets T-130
PC4234-BRN   Brown Pillowcases (T-130)
BSC3   BSC3 - 3oz Brushless Shave Cream
BSC6   BSC6 - .6oz Brushless Shave Cream
BSC7   BSC7 - 7oz Shave Cream Tube
BSC85   BSC85 - .85oz Brushless Shave Cream
BW1   BW1 - Freshscent 1oz Travel Body Wash
C2655   C2655 - 6.5" Handle Comb
C2950   C2950 - 8.5" Handle Comb
C5   C5 - 5" Jail Inmate Pocket Comb
C567   C567 - 5.5" Light Pick
C7   C7 - 7" Pocket Comb
1012   Canvas 4 Strap Velcro High Top Inmate Shoe (24 pair)
6199   Canvas Step-In Jail Inmate Shoe (24 pair)
1011   Canvas Velcro Low Top Shoes (24 pair)
CG15   CG15 - 1.5oz Freshmint Clear Gel Toothpaste
CG275   CG275 - Freshmint Clear Gel Toothpaste
CG46   CG46 - Freshmint Clear Gel Toothpaste
CG6   CG6 - .6oz Freshmint Clear Gel Toothpaste
CG64   CG64 - Freshmint Clear Gel Toothpaste
CG85   CG85 - .85oz Freshmint Clear Gel Toothpaste
CGADA1   CGADA1 - 1oz Clear Gel ADA Accepted Fluoride Toothpaste
CGADA3   CGADA3 - 3oz Clear Gel ADA Accepted Fluoride Toothpaste
CGP   CGP - Freshmint Clear Gel Toothpaste Packet
353028   Chap Ice Regular Stick Lip Balm with SPF
44708   Checkers
44833   Chess
2690-9   Clear Rhino Mop Bucket
CLUB   CLUB - Block Handle Hairbrush
SFTB-C   Color - Snag Free Thermal Blankets
COND1   COND1 - Freshscent 1oz Travel Conditioner
11052   Cross Strap Jail Inmate Sandals (12 Pair)
XWP   Crossword Puzzle
D15C   D15C - Freshscent 1.5oz Roll On Anti-Perspirant Deodorant
DP1220   DP1220 - Jail Bedding Disposable Pillow
EVAS   EVAS - EVA Jail Inmate Sandal (36pr/cs)
FC2   FC2 - 2oz Freshscent Conditioner
FC4   FC4 - 4oz Freshscent Conditioner
FCS4   FCS4 - 4oz Freshscent Shampoo Plus Conditioner
FITSHT   FITSHT - Fitted White Sheet
FL2   FL2 - Freshscent 2oz Hand & Body Lotion
FL4   FL4 - Freshscent 4oz Hand & Body Lotion
FL8   FL8 - Freshscent 8oz Hand & Body Lotion
SHT66104C   Flat Sheets in Brown, Navy, or Orange (T-130, 66" x 104")
SHT5490-180C   Flat Sheets in Brown, Navy, or Orange (T-180, 54" x 90")
SHT66104-180C   Flat Sheets in Brown, Navy, or Orange (T-180, 66" x 104")
FLCB4   FLCB4 - Freshscent 4oz Cocoa Butter Lotion
PEN   Flexible Jail Inmate Writing Pen
FMW2   FMW2 - 2oz Freshmint Alcohol Free Mouthwash
FMW4   FMW4 - 4oz Freshmint Alcohol Free Mouthwash
FNC1   FNC1 - Detention Grade NO File Finger Nail Clipper
FP4   FP4 - Freshscent 4oz Inmate Foot Powder
TBRG1   Freshmint Adult Rubbergrip Toothbrush
CBS5   Freshscent Cocoa Butter Soap - 5oz
GBS5   Freshscent Gold Deodorant Soap - 5oz
MBS5   Freshscent Moisturizing Soap - 5oz
SPTBS5   Freshscent Sport Deodorant Soap - 5oz
SDS5   Freshscent Spring Fresh Deodorant Soap - 5oz
FS128   FS128 - 1 Gallon Freshscent Shampoo & Body Wash
FS16   FS16 - 16oz Freshscent Shampoo and Body Bath
FS2   FS2 - 2oz Freshscent Shampoo and Body Bath
FS4   FS4 - 4oz Freshscent Shampoo and Body Bath
FS8   FS8 - 8oz Freshscent Shampoo and Body Bath
FSG15   FSG15 - 1.5oz Shave Gel Bottle
FSG3   FSG3 - 3oz Shave Gel Tube
FSG4   FSG4 - 4oz Shave Gel Bottle
FSG85   FSG85 - .85oz Shave Gel Tube
FSP   FSP - Freshscent .34oz Shampoo/Body Wash Clear Packets
GPPFT   GPPFT - Latex Exam Grade Gloves
GWBN   GWBN - Heavy Duty Black Nitrile Gloves
GWGN   GWGN - Heavy Duty Green Nitrile Gloves
GWON   GWON - Heavy Duty Orange Nitrile Gloves
GWRBN   GWRBN - Heavy Duty Royal Blue Nitrile Gloves
HB   HB - Adult Jail Inmate Hair Brush
HBV   HBV - Adult Jail Inmate Vented Hair Brush
326   Heavy Duty Canvas Step-In Jail Inmate Shoe (24 pair)
HS2   HS2 - Freshscent 2oz Hand Sanitizer
HS4   HS4 - Freshscent 4oz Hand Sanitizer
IVPFB   IVBPF - Blue Vinyl Exam Gloves
IVPF   IVPF - Clear Vinyl Exam Gloves
CP   Jail Inmate Uniform Pants
CS   Jail Inmate Uniform Shirts
KFFTP85B   Kids .85oz Fluoride-Free Toothpaste
L026L   L026L - Mattress Covers (Natural, Brown, Navy)
59610   Legal Writing Pad/Paper
LTN1   LTN1 - Freshscent 1oz Travel Lotion
LX34   LX34 - Latex Exam Gloves
66905   Magic Razorless Shave Cream - Regular
C5-MC   Master Case - C5 - 5" Inmate Pocket Comb
CG6-MC   Master Case - CG6 - .6oz Freshmint Clear Gel Toothpaste
CG85-MC   Master Case - CG85 - .85oz Freshmint Clear Gel Toothpaste
TB28-MC   Master Case - TB28 - 28 Tuft Polypropylene Toothbrush
TB30-MC   Master Case - TB30 - 30 Tuft Nylon Inmate Toothbrush
TB50-MC   Master Case - TB50 - 50 Tuft Nylon Toothbrush
TBCAP-MC   Master Case - TBCAP - Toothbrush Cap
TBSEC-MC   Master Case - TBSEC - Security Thumbprint Toothbrush
TBSH-MC   Master Case - TBSH - 30 Tuft Short Handle "Stubby" Toothbrush
TP6L-MC   Master Case - TP6L - .6oz Freshmint Toothpaste
TP85-MC   Master Case - TP85 - .85oz Freshmint Toothpaste
6910-GRN   Men's Green Briefs
6910-OR   Men's Orange Briefs
MPC   MPC - Pillowcases
MVBP   MVBP - MicroVent Blue Vinyl Pillow
SHT5490-NAV-5   Navy 54"x90" Flat Sheets T-130, 5 Dozen
CJ-NAVY   Navy Inmate Jumpsuit
PC4234-NAVY   Navy Pillowcases (T-130)
NTBLK   NiTouch - Black Nitrile Powder Free Exam Gloves
NTBLUE   NiTouch - Blue Nitrile Powder Free Exam Gloves
NKP   NKP - Kare Plus Nylon Pillow
NSGP   No-Shank 4" Clear Polymer Toothbrush (100/case)
SHT5490-OR-5   Orange 54"x90" Flat Sheets T-130, 5 Dozen
631-OR   Orange Ankle Socks
100-OR   Orange Crew Socks
70774   Orange EVA Step In Shoe (12-pair)
NSCP-1001   Orange Flex Pencil (100/case)
CJ-OR   Orange Inmate Jumpsuits
PC4234-ORG   Orange Pillowcases (T-130)
111   Orange PVC UniFoot Sandals (36 pair)
PB   PB - Polyester Jail Inmate Blanket
PCS2   PCS2 - Freshscent 2oz Baby Powder
PCS4   PCS4 - Freshscent 4oz Baby Powder
PD4   PD4 - Freshscent 4oz Pump Spray Anti-Perspirant/Deodorant
PC4234C   Pillowcases (T-180) in Brown, Navy, or Orange
PJ13   PJ13 - CareALL 13oz Petroleum Jelly
PJ2C   PJ2C - CareALL 2oz Petroleum Jelly Tube
PJ4   PJ4 - CareALL 4oz Petroleum Jelly
PJ4T   PJ4T - CareALL 4oz Petroleum Jelly Tube
PJ8   PJ8 - CareALL 8oz Petroleum Jelly
PKD   PKD - Freshscent .12oz Deodorant Packet
PKL   PKL - .25oz Freshscent Hand and Body Lotion Packet
PKS   PKS - .34oz Conditioning Shampoo Packet
PKSC   PKSC - .25oz Shave Cream Packet
1205   Playing Cards
POLY   Polyethelene Multi-Purpose Gloves
4710   Puzzle - 500 Pieces
RAZ1   RAZ1 - Orange Single Blade Inmate Razor
RAZ1C   RAZ1C - Clear Single Blade Inmate Razor
RAZ2   RAZ2 - Twin Blade Inmate Razor
RAZ2DX   RAZ2DX - Twin Blade Razor with Lubricating Strip
RAZ3   RAZ3 - Triple Blade Razor with Lubricating Strip
RAZSH   RAZSH - Short Handle Orange Security Correctional Razor
1007   Regular Maxi Pad
2013   Regular Tampon
S1   S1 - 1.0oz Wrapped Deodorant Soap
S12   S12 - .5oz Wrapped Deodorant Soap
S15   S15 - 1.5oz Wrapped Deodorant Soap
S3   S3 - 3.0oz Wrapped Deodorant Soap
SBSHR   SBSHR - Orange Single Blade Short Handle Razor
SBSHRC   SBSHRC - Clear Single Blade Short Handle Razor
SC1   SC1 - Shower Caps
SPSF   Screen Print Set-Up Fee

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