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SD3   SD3 - Hinged Soap Dish
TPS43   Sensitive 4.3oz Anti-Cavity Fluoride Toothpaste
SFTB   SFTB - Snag Free Thermal Blanket
SHAM1   SHAM1 - Freshscent 1oz Travel Shampoo
SMB1000C   SMB1000C - BIC Single Blade Razor
SMP1099   SMP1099 - BIC Single Blade Razor-720
SOAP34   SOAP34 - Freshscent #3/4 Travel Bar Soap
SSB2   SSB2 - 2oz Shampoo/Shave/Body Wash (all-in-one)
SSB4   SSB4 - 4oz Shampoo/Shave/Body Wash
SSBP   SSBP - Freshscent .34oz Shampoo/Shave/Body Wash Clear Packets
CARDS   Standard Inmate Playing Cards
STD16   STD16 - Freshscent 1.6oz Stick Deodorant
STD225L   STD225L - Freshscent Ladies 2.25oz Deodorant
STD225M   STD225M - Freshscent Men's 2.25oz Deodorant
STD5   STD5 - Freshscent .5oz Stick Deodorant
STOB1000C   STOB1000C - BIC Twin Blade Razor
10280C   Super Absorbent Maxi Pads - 250/case
3010   Super Absorbent Tampon
TB30   TB30 - 30 Tuft Nylon Inmate Toothbrush
TB43   TB43 - Premium 43 Tuft Toothbrush
TB50   TB50 - 50 Tuft Inmate Toothbrush
TBCAP   TBCAP - Toothbrush Cap
TBFT   TBFT - Fingertip Security Toothbrush
TBHLDR   TBHLDR - Clear Toothbrush Holder (Tube)
TBSEC   TBSEC - Security Thumbprint Handle Detention Toothbrush
TBSH   TBSH - 30 Tuft Short Handle "Stubby" Toothbrush
TBSR   TBSR - Orange Flexible Toothbrush
1500DR   Thermal Underwear Drawers
1500LS   Thermal Underwear Long Sleeve Tops
TNC1   TNC1 - Detention Toe Nail Clipper
BT2040BALE   Towels by the Bale - 25 Dozen - 4 lb/dz
TP15   TP15 - 1.5oz Freshmint Toothpaste
TP275   TP275 - 2.75oz Freshmint Toothpaste
TP46   TP46 - 4.6oz Anticavity Fluoride Toothpaste
TP64   TP64 - 6.4oz Freshmint Toothpaste
TP6L   TP6L - .6oz Freshmint Toothpaste
TP85   TP85 - .85oz Freshmint Toothpaste
TPADA15   TPADA15 - Freshmint 1.5oz ADA Accepted Toothpaste
TPADA3   TPADA3 - Freshmint 3.0oz ADA Accepted Toothpaste
TPADA46   TPADA46 - ADA Accepted 4.6oz Fluoride Toothpaste
TPADA85   TPADA85 - Freshmint .85oz ADA Accepted Toothpaste
TPADAP   TPADAP - ADA Accepted Fluoride Toothpaste Packet
16-1001   Tri-Fold Regular Maxi-Pad
US1   US1 - 1.0oz Unwrapped Deodorant Soap
US12   US12 - .5oz Unwrapped Deodorant Soap
US15   US15 - 1.5oz Unwrapped Deodorant Soap
US3   US3 - 3.0oz Unwrapped Deodorant Soap
11051   V-Strap Jail Inmate Sandals (12 Pair)
VSPF   VSPF - Stretch Synthetic Vinyl Exam Gloves
WC1212BALE   Wash Cloths by the Bale - 100 Dozen - .75 lb/dz
DSMB   White Disposable Stretch Mesh Briefs
HT1627   White Hand Towel
WC1212   White Inmate Wash Cloths
BMT-WHT   White Rubber Bath Mat, 12/case, 13.5" x 29"
WLB   WLB - Wool Blanket
353B   Women's Brown Panties
351W   Women's White Panties
WSP   Word Search Puzzles
ZIP610   ZIP610 - 6"x10" Zip Style Clear Bag
ZIP69   ZIP69 - 6"x9" Clear Zip Style Bag
ZIP810   ZIP810 - 8"x10" Clear Zip Style Bag
ZIP912   ZIP912 - 9"x12" Clear Zip Style Bag

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